Nitro Single Step Ceramic Coating

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EXTREME GLOSS – Glissen N1tro Professional Paint Protection Single Step Ceramic Coating
delivers a mirror finish to any paint surface that it is applied to.

HYDROPHOBIC – This coating displays high water repellent
properties. The increased surface tension that the coating grants the substrate, provides superior hydrophobic qualities.

OPTIMUM PROTECTION  – An extremely hard layer that provides optimum protection against UV
light, acid rain, heat and other harsh environmental conditions.

Increased durability against
everyday occurrences of abrasion like swirl marks and light scratches.

SINGLE STEP COATING – Easy to apply in a single stage applicationprocess.

Resists the adherence of dirt and extends the period between maintenance washes.

QUICK DRYING – The coating has a fast curing time of only 2 hours after which the car can be driven away and even be exposed to rain.

DURABILITY – Provides protection against harsh environments for up to 2 years, retaining the extreme gloss finish throughout that time.


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